Since we launched our ePak packerhead machine, its ground-breaking technology raised eyebrows in the concrete pipe industry. Many companies – experienced packerhead producers and new packerhead producers alike – have been impressed with the strides taken to design a superior packerhead machine. With its uniframe design, gearless direct-drive rollerhead, high-compaction bellpacker, and precise control system, the ePak stands above other packerhead machines. The ePak’s convention-breaking advances initially needed time for the market to learn and adapt to the new technologies and their benefits. We are pleased to say the market has responded to our machine’s advancements with excitement and trust in its superiority. In the last six months, we closed deals on four new ePak plants around the globe. As you read this, new ePak machines are being built in our factory and shipped worldwide. We would like to invite you to watch a 2 ½ minute time-lapse of one of these ePaks being built and shipped out. And should you become more interested in this machine, please contact one of our sales representatives in your region. /November 2015