New ePak Machine provides the latest in Packerhead Technology

HawkeyePedershaab is pleased to introduce their new series of ePak Packerhead Machines. Designed from the ground up, the ePak machine and its associated technology represent a major leap forward in packerhead production technology. At the center of the new technology is the machine’s revolutionary eDrive rollerhead drive system. Powered by a proprietary, gearless, direct-drive, 60-pole, brushless permanent magnet motor, the eDrive provides major operating benefits as compared to industry standard hydraulic or asynchronous electric drives. The eDrive’s permanent magnet motor develops much higher torque density and has a wider torque/speed operating band - allowing precise packing control throughout the machine’s entire production range. All the supplied electrical energy is used for generate the stator torque active magnetic flux which further enhances speed and torque control. Additionally, the operating characteristics of the eDrive motor permit rollerhead speeds as low as 90 RPM to be achieved without the need for a gearbox. The ePak’s direct rollerhead drive system improves control, streamlines operation, and does away with a multitude of expensive wear and maintenance items. The eDrive system is designed to accommodate HawkeyePedershaab tooling as well as existing tooling of other makes and brands, including both single directional and bi-directional tooling. Highly flexible, the eDrive’s twin drive shafts are independently controlled to permit the use of a combination of bi-directional and single directional tooling, for example bi-directional tooling for the smaller pipe sizes and existing single directional tooling for the larger pipe sizes. The rollerhead and concrete feed systems are equipped with adaptive closed-loop controls that continuously provide feedback to the operating system. Additionally, the ePak’s advanced concrete feed/pack control algorithm and the inherent advantages of the eDrive’s gearless, permanent magnet drive motor, permits virtually instantaneous response time for precise and accurate production control. Machine operations are controlled from a central PLC based console. A forklift-mounted video controller is also available to permit machine operation by the forklift driver. The ePak’s mechanical components have also been designed with an eye toward production efficiency. Featuring a zero-gap frame-to-component design, machine components run smoothly on the frame and can operate at speeds up to 25% faster than conventional frame designs. The toptable, rollerhead drive, and bellpacker are cantilevered and roller-guide mounted for smooth motion. Additionally, the turntable and frame design eliminates the turntable’s center post – permitting the turntable to be built more compactly and the forms to be mounted closer to the centerpoint of the turntable to permit faster rotation of the form sets into their filling and offbearing positions. The ePak’s compact turntable and mounting frame accommodates existing machine pits and consumes less floor space. Factory pre-assembled, the frame is designed for fast alignment and adjustment in the field. Drawing upon HawkeyePedershaab’s extensive vibration background, the ePak is equipped with a sophisticated synchronized four-shaft bellpacker to direct up to four times more vibration into the pallet for better bell compaction. The bellpacker is of a self-cleaning design and incorporates a single discharge point to permit easier or mechanized cleanup of excess concrete. The ePak can be installed in existing plants as a stand-alone machine or paired with automated handling equipment for totally automatic pipe production. Conversion kits are also available to upgrade existing packerhead machines with ePak technology. Conversions available include the eDrive rollerhead drive system, computer controls, toptable, and bellpacker components.