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Joint Ring Handling

Joint Ring HandlingOne of the most crucial elements in the production of high-quality concrete products are the joint rings (pallets, headers and set rings) that form the male and female ends of the pipes. In order to ensure the production of quality products, it is key that these joint rings are kept clean and in-shape.

The flow of joint rings throughout the production process is also integral to the efficiency of a factory as it is necessary for every product cycle to have the right number of joint rings in the right place at exactly the right time.

The HawkeyePedershaab joint ring handling solutions address both the quality and the efficiency issue by providing systems that automatically transport, clean and inventory the joint rings, eliminating the organizational bottlenecks and ensuring the efficient, consistent production of high-quality concrete products.

HawkeyePedershaab joint ring handling systems are available either as stand-alone components, used to incrementally assist plant efficiencies, or as a part of a fully-automatic, integrated production facility.

Joint Ring Cleaning Systems

Joint Ring Cleaning SystemsIt is crucial to the production of high-quality spigots and bells, that the pallets and headers being used are cleaned of all residual concrete build-up. The cleanliness of the ring also is directly related to its ease of removal. HawkeyePedershaab offers a series of pallet and header cleaning solutions to ensure that this task is done quickly and properly.

In order to ensure quick joint ring cleaning, HawkeyePedershaab uses the approach of using multiple cleaning brushes simultaneously – each cleaning a different surface of the ring. This allows for a thoroughly cleaned ring in a cycle time that will not slow down the entire system, which involves a sub-60 second cleaning time for the Mastermatic systems.

Another benefit of the HawkeyePedershaab joint ring cleaning systems is that they actually clean the ring, as opposed to many competitive systems that fail to do so satisfactorily. The HawkeyePedershaab cleaners use pneumatics to control the pressure of the brush, compensating for brush wear and allowing for adjustable cleaning pressures for different size rings. In addition, HawkeyePedershaab pallet cleaners use a scraper to clean the critical underside of the top flange to prevent it from damaging core seals.


Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminates costly, dangerous and strenuous plant labor
  • Adjustable pressure wire-cleaning brushes that compensate for brush wear
  • High-capacity design to ensure cleaners are not a bottleneck
  • Multiple designs to fit into any plant layout
  • Capable of cleaning both round and oval pallets and headers
  • Automatic adjustment to different joint ring sizes

Joint Ring Inventory Systems

Joint Ring Inventory SystemsAfter automatic removal and cleaning of the pallets and headers (joint rings), HawkeyePedershaab offers space-saving inventory systems that stock the joint rings in tall stacks, either stored for future use or returned to the production machinery for the next cycle – all without human intervention.

High-speed joint ring stacking manipulators precisely maneuver the pallets and headers into and out of inventory as well as carefully stack the joint rings in 3.5m (12’) tall stacks.


Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminates manual labor associated with handling of pallets and headers including stacking, storage and return to machine
  • Protects joint rings from damage resulting from manual mishandling
  • Save building space with tight-footprint inventory area
  • Capable of handling round, square, oval or arch-shaped headers

Joint Ring Oiling

Joint Ring OilingBefore the pallet or header is introduced back to the production machine, a release agent needs to be applied to it to ensure easy removal the following day. HawkeyePedershaab provides a number of automated solutions to this task, including both dipping and spraying systems.

The HawkeyePedershaab spray oilers use wands that automatically adjust to all joint ring sizes and apply the release agent to all concrete surfaces of the joint ring.


Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminates costly plant labor
  • Automatic adjustment to all joint ring sizes
  • Capable of handling round, box, arch and oval headers and pallets
  • Adaptable to a full range of plant layouts