• eDrive Conversions

eDrive Conversions

Upgrade your existing Packerhead machines with the latest electric direct-drive rollerhead and closed-loop control technology to improve output and pipe quality. Upgrade components include the eDrive system, crosshead modification package, closed-loop machine controls, and robotic handling components.

Upgrade packages are available for most Packerhead makes and are designed to make use of your existing rollerheads, either bi-directional and/or uni-directional.

  • 60-Pole Permanent Magnet Motor Permits Direct Drive Operation
    With nearly double the torque capacity of the industry standard, eDrive requires no gear box for simpler, streamlined performance. The innovative and unique design of the eDrive system eliminates the need for a gear box resulting in better energy efficiency, quieter operation and less maintenance. The motor’s “no-slip” design also gives more accurate feedback for better production control.

  • Independent Torque and Speed Control for Both the Inner and Outer Drive Shafts
    eDrive’s non-compromising design provides more power for bigger pipe sizes while permitting more control for smaller pipe sizes. The twin eDrive motors individually power and control both Packerhead drive shafts. Maximum power can be applied for larger pipe sizes with no loss of control for smaller pipe production. This feature also permits use of a combination of both new and existing rollerhead tooling, and accommodates both bi-directional and unidirectional rollerhead designs.

  • Compatible With All Rollerhead Styles
    The eDrive is designed to accept new and existing rollerhead designs to make use of your existing tooling. The eDrive’s flexible design permits use of a wide range of rollerhead styles. With eDrive you can run uni-directional rollerheads, bidirectional rollerheads, or a combination of both. eDrive makes maximum use of your existing tooling.