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In 1956, an idea came to the mind of H.H. “Hank” Schmidgall as he struggled to find an economic and simple way to unload pipe produced from his small factory in Morning Sun, Iowa from the back of a truck.

The idea blossomed into the Pipemaster Pipe Unloader and 55 years and thousands of pipe unloaders later, the Pipemaster is still the industry standard method of unloading pipe from the back of a flatbed truck.

The Pipemaster Pipe Unloader is the fast and dependable way to unload concrete pipe. Its smooth hydraulic action virtually eliminates pipe breakage. Pipe can be unloaded almost as fast as they can be rolled off the truck. And it’s economical. The Pipemaster is completely self-contained and requires no external power source. Its rugged construction makes for years of trouble-free pipe unloading.



With Pipemaster concrete pipe unloaders, the truck driver can unload the pipe. There’s no need to wait for the contractor.The job site can be a very busy place. The contractor may have his equipment tied up installing pipe or in a location away from where pipe is being delivered. The Pipemaster solves those logistical problems by allowing the driver to unload the pipe. There’s no need to wait on the contractor’s equipment.


With Pipemaster concrete pipe unloaders your trucks can make more hauls per day, which means more pipe and more revenue.Since the Pipemaster allows the driver to unload the pipe, there’s no need to tightly schedule deliveries with the contractor. You can send trucks out early in the day to beat rush hour traffic and keep them on the road later in the day.Also, since job-site delays are eliminated, each haul takes less time. It all translates to more loads hauled per day.


By setting one simple control, pipe are just rolled to the unloader and automatically unloaded.One control sets the hydraulic system of the Pipemaster to unload any size of pipe within the capacity of the unloader. Just roll the pipe to the forks of the unloader. The Pipemaster automatically unloads the pipe and resets for the next pipe.There are no external power sources or hydraulic pumps to operate and maintain. The unloader utilizes hydraulic resistance to unload pipe with complete control.


The Pipemaster concrete pipe unloader requires no external power source, resulting in simple operation and maintenance.The Pipemaster utilizes hydraulic resistance to unload concrete pipe. This unique design requires no external hydraulic power. As a result, the Pipemaster can be easily used on any trailer equipped with a mounting rack.The Pipemaster’s hydraulic operating system simplifies maintenance and operation and withstands the rigors of concrete pipe transport and unloading.


The Pipemaster unloads nearly all the pipe sizes produced by the average plant. Models are available to unload pipe weighing as little as 100 lbs (45kg) up to pipe as large as 20,600 lbs (9344kg) and pipe up to 96” (2400mm) diameter. Special models are also available for drop deck trailers.


To enhance the operation, performance, and safety of the Pipemaster Concrete Pipe Unloader, the new Series 3000 Pipemaster has been developed.  The Series 3000 Pipemaster features the following new design benefits as compared to the original Series of unloaders:


Supplemental Safety Barrier.  To help prevent pipe from accidentally rolling off the rear of the trailer when the forks are in the lowered position, a safety barrier automatically rises above the trailer bed as the forks lower during unloading.

New 50% Wider Forks.  Increased stance of unloading forks permits more secure unloading of pipe. (Model 3100 Only)

Easy Air Removal.  As pipe are unloaded, a vacuum is created within the Pipemaster’s dash pot hydraulic system.  This can tend to draw air into the system.  A dome is incorporated into the hydraulic circuit to collect entrapped air.  A single, easy-to-reach push-button allows air to be easily expelled from the system.  If system bleeding is required due to a broker hose or low oil condition, all bleeder petcocks are accessible with the unloader on the trailer.

New Manifold Technology.  Manifold simplifies hydraulic system, eliminates several hoses and hydraulic joints.

Increased Oil Capacity.  The oil capacity of the hydraulic circuit has been increased permitting longer maintenance intervals.

Visual Oil Gauge.  A visual sight gauge permits the oil level to be checked without removing the unloader’s inspection cover plate. (Model 3206 Only)

The new Series 3000 Pipemaster Concrete Pipe Unloader is now being shipped in place of the previous Model 2100 and 2206 unloaders.  Series 3000 Pipemasters directly mount to your existing IM Mounting Racks and most of the machine parts are interchangeable with the previous models.