• Hydrostatic Tester

Hydrostatic Tester

HawkeyePedershaab’s Hydrostatic Pipe Tester accurately and conveniently tests concrete pipe using the Hydrostatic Test Method as specified in ASTM C497 and C443.

The Hydrostatic Tester from HawkeyePedershaab provides an organized and systematic approach to an otherwise cumbersome testing procedure. Designed to accommodate three pipes at a time, the hydrostatic tester includes built-in bulkheads, water valving and drainage to handle the large volume of water associated with hydrostatic testing, and accessories to accommodate joint shear and deflection testing.

  • Built-In Hydraulic-Powered Bulkheads
    Hydraulic bulkheads quickly press and seal to the pipe ends without the need for cumbersome chains and binders. HawkeyePedershaab’s Hydrostatic Tester includes an integral frame and bulkhead support structure designed to withstand the pressures associated with hydrostatic testing. The hydraulically powered bulkheads are faced with neoprene to tightly seal to the pipe ends to prevent leakage during testing. Quick and efficient, there’s no need to manually handle loose bulkheads, chains, and binders.

  • Pipe Cradles Permit Fast and Easy Loading
    Pipe support carts permit fast loading of pipe into the Hydrostatic Tester. HawkeyePedershaab’s Hydrostatic Tester is complete with three pipe-holding carts. The carts are equipped with heavy-duty rollers to permit quick and easy alignment of the pipe in the test frame. Carts include height adjustors to center the pipe with the bulkheads. Optional cart rotators are also available to allow pipe to be loaded and unloaded in a 90 degree orientation from the test frame.

  • Water Collection/Reclamation Available
    Fast Fill and reclamation of water makes for quick and easy handling of test water. An optional Fast Fill option makes for quick and easy handling of the large amounts of water associated with hydrostatic testing. The option includes reclamation tanks for holding the test water and a water pump to reuse the water for testing of other pipe.

  • Joint Deflection and Shear Test Accessories Available
    To eliminate double handling of the assembled pipe, joint deflection and shear tests can also be performed on the Hydrostatic Test frame. Accessories are also available to perform joint shear and deflection tests upon the assembled pipe. The accessories deflect the joint surfaces as per the testing requirements.