• ePak
  • ePak 1200
  • ePak 1500
  • ePak 1800


In addition to the mass-production vibration machines that HawkeyePedershaab has traditionally produced, they have now added the revolutionary ePak packerhead machine.

Ideal for the mass production of round pipe, the ePak produces a high-quality pipe with an exceptionally smooth surface and is ideally suited for the production of thin-walled pipe.

The HawkeyePedershaab ePak is light-years ahead of the competition with its shockingly simple gearless drive system, the eDrive, and its precise and foolproof control technology.

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ePak 1200

  • Pipe production from 250mm-1200mm (10″-48″)
  • Maximum pipe length of 3.5m (12′)

ePak 1200

ePak 1500

  • Pipe production from 300mm-1500mm (12″-60″)
  • Maximum pipe length of 3.5m (12′)

ePak 1800

  • Pipe production from 400mm-1800mm (15″-72″)
  • Maximum pipe length of 3.5m (12′)

  • eDrive
    Increase the power, speed and efficiency of your filling and compaction process with lower maintenance costs. Direct drive. No gears. Dual counter-rotating shafts – each with infinitely variable and independent torque and speed control. Double the torque capacity of the industry norm. Quite simply, the 60-pole permanent magnetic motor eDrive represents the biggest advance in packerhead production technology in100 years. The eDrive has no gears or transmission between the drive motor and the roller shaft, resulting in substantial efficiency increases and maintenance savings compared to competitive industry offerings. Due to their architectures, typical packerhead drives are inherently compromised in that they have a difficult time having both enough torque for the larger pipe sizes and enough control for the smaller pipe sizes. The eDrive has much wider control and torque windows and essentially eliminates this compromise. Another fantastic attribute of the eDrive is its ability to serve as either a uni-directional or bi-directional drive as well as being compatible with any available rollerhead design – an extremely valuable characteristic when upgrading an older machine.

  • eControl
    Increase the speed of the production process and the quality of the pipe with closed-loop eControl – continually monitoring all the critical machine processes and making the necessary micro-adjustments. The closed-loop eControl system is highly effective in its goal of maintaining fast cycle times and consistently high product quality. Its basic function is simple; the rollerhead lift speed is set to a constant value and taking continuous torque readings from the rollerhead eDrive, the concrete fill is increased or decreased to maintain the optimum torque – with great precision due to the industry’s most sophisticated control hardware and software algorithms. The net result is a smooth, consistently dense, concrete pipe, without visible markings resulting from the start and stop of the rollerhead lift during the casting process. The other result is speed, by accurately maintaining the proper torque on the rollerhead, the pipe can be cast extremely quickly and without the need for multiple rollerhead passes.

  • Uniframe
    The unique, single-tower machine frame results in zero-gap machine-to-component clearances and is more rigid and true than traditional packerhead frames. The Uniframe design of the ePak machine reduces machinery vibrations and results in true rolling contact between the machine components such as the rollerhead drive and toptable rather than the maintenance-intensive sliding designs used in conventional packerhead systems. It also results in a smaller machine footprint, including a smaller turntable, allowing for faster rotation speeds. The smaller footprint and turntable also make it quite easy to fit into the pit and building space when replacing older machines. Another advantage of the Uniframe design is that it allows the bulk of the machine, including rollerhead drive, toptable and bell packer systems, to be pre-aligned in the HawkeyePedershaab factory. This greatly reduces the amount of time spent in the customer's factory to align and adjust the machine.

  • Synchronized, 4-Shaft Bell Packer
    Ensure that concrete pipe bell ends are optimally compacted! The ePak bell packer system utilizes a proprietary 4-shaft vibrator to consolidate the bell of the concrete pipe. The bell packer is able to deliver up to 12 tons of impact force into the concrete pipe, a figure multiple times higher than competitive machines, ensuring dense compaction of the bell. The bell packer design is also self-cleaning, allowing the residual concrete to be deposited into a single area where it is able to be either conveyed or bucketed out of the machine pit.

  • Fully-Automatic Operation
    Reduce costly labor inputs and increase quality and productivity consistency through the use of automation. Like many other HawkeyePedershaab machines, the ePak is fully-automatic in its operation and can be easily integrated into a fully-automatic production facility, reducing labor costs and increasing product quality.