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The Kastmaster is an automated vibration machine for the manufacture of a full range of manhole and pipe products. Its straightforward, practical design is well-suited for most precasters and permits use as an independent machine or as part of a totally automated facility. It is designed to either serve as a dedicated manhole machine, a dedicated pipe machine or as a hybrid pipe and manhole machine.

Its fully-automated production cycle and advanced, computer-controlled operating system ensure that each high-quality concrete product is the same as the last, removing the element of human error from the production process.

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Kastmaster 150/200

VIHY Kastmaster 150/200

  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Maximum product = 1500mm x 2.0m (60″ x 6′)
  • Maximum turnover base product = 1200mm x 1.5m (48″ x 5′)
  • Maximum square product = 1.2m x 1.2m (4′ x 4′)
  • 30-minute mold changeover

Kastmaster 150/250

VIHY Kastmaster 150/250

  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Maximum product = 1500mm x 2.5m (60″ x 8′)
  • Maximum turnover base product = 1200mm x 2.0m (48″ x 6′)
  • Maximum square product = 1.2m x 1.2m (4′ x 4′)
  • 30-minute mold changeover

Kastmaster 200/250

VIHY Kastmaster 200/250

  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Maximum product = 2000mm x 2.5m (78″ x 8′)
  • Maximum turnover base product = 1500mm x 2.0m (60″ x 6′)
  • Maximum square product = 1.5m x 1.5m (5′ x 5′)
  • 30-minute mold changeover

  • VIHY Core Vibration
    Use advanced Danish technology to ensure maximum concrete density. The VIHY core vibrator has been the industry's leading vibrator for more than 50 years. Its precision build quality and dry-sump, oil-lubricated design allows for speed and power unmatched by competitive vibrators – guaranteeing the customer maximum compaction power, reduced cement consumption and maximum concrete densities.

  • VIHY Table Vibration
    Enable the production of a vast array of concrete products through the use of a Vibration Table. The VIHY vibration table allows for the optimal production of many shapes that are difficult through traditional core vibration including flat products, square products and irregular products. The VIHY vibration table provides the following definable benefits: • Powerful, hydraulically driven 100 kNm uni-directional vibrator with variable frequency makes uniform compaction throughout the entire product length –essential for producing high-quality products. • Low noise emission following effective hydraulic locking of mould equipment – reducing noise-related safety problems. • Elevator for easy adaptation to required product length, increasing machine flexibility. • Optional hydraulic elevator option for operator comfort, in cycle access and easy cleaning. • Simple core design allowing easy installation and maintenance of features.

  • Synchronized Core Vibration (SCV)
    High-powered, built-in, electrically-driven core vibration system allows for the production of high-quality pipe and eases form changeover. In a SCV system, every form set has its own built-in vibration system. The use of such a system gives the added benefit of eliminating the need to swap vibrators from core to core during changeover, eliminating the costly downtime and increasing plant flexibility.

  • Turnover System for Slabs and Bases
    A manhole machine's effectiveness is largely tied into its ability to produce the full range of manhole products. In-machine turnover system allows for automatic dry-cast production of monolithic manhole bases and slabs

  • Optional Cast-In-Place Manhole Steps
    Eliminate costly and back-breaking labor required to drive steps into manhole products. The Cast-In-Place Step (CIPS) program allows for the automatic casting-in of manhole steps – including an automated step-insertion robot to keep the operator working at a safe distance from the machine.

  • Optional Header System
    Produce pipe with perfectly round, glass-like spigots – ensuring exact field pipe connections. Use of stay-in-place headers allows for the production of pipe with more precise male-end spigots with a smoother surface finish.

  • Optional Lifting Anchor Automation
    Save labor costs by automatically casting lifting anchors into products during machine cycle. One of the most tedious and labor-consuming tasks in a manhole or pipe operation is the insertion and driving in of lifting anchors into already-cured products. Eliminate this step with an automated lift-anchor insertion system.

  • Fully-Automatic Operation
    Automate to save labor and achieve precisely repeatable production cycles, guaranteeing each product is as high-quality as the next. The VIHY Kastmaster is uniquely designed to eliminate the need for a machine operator – instead controlling all its movements and operations through the use of a computerized controller.

  • Quick Mold Change System
    Be Flexible. Don't tie up your money in excess pipe inventory. Molds designed as self-contained modules coupled with hydraulic mold-to-machine locks allow for 30-minute mold changes.

  • No Required Overhead Crane
    Save building costs and equipment cost by eliminating need for a factory overhead crane. Even in its stand-alone, semi-automatic configuration, the VIHY Kastmaster makes use of an electric-powered cart to move pipes to and from the curing area rather than an overhead crane – allowing for a lower and less-expensive building.