• VIHY® Mastercast SC 120

VIHY® Mastercast SC 120

The VIHY Mastercast SC 120 is a manhole and specialty products machine designed to produce the entire range of manhole products in a highly productive fashion–up to 24 manhole products/hour.

In addition to its ability to mass-produce manhole risers, cones and bases up to 1200mm (48″) in diameter by 1.2m long (4′), the VIHY table vibration system allows for the optimal production of special, non-round products such as street gullies, catch basins, grade rings and slab products.

The VIHY Mastercast SC 120 is designed either to be run as a stand-alone, automatic production machine or within the context of a fully automatic production plant.

Production Capabilities

  • Manhole dimension range = 600mm-1200mm (24″-48)
  • Square product maximum dimension = 1.2Mx1.2M (4’x4′)
  • Product length range = 50mm(2″)-1.5M(5′)

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  • Turnover System for Slabs and Bases
    A manhole machine's effectiveness is largely tied into its ability to produce the full range of manhole products. In-machine turnover system allows for optimal dry-cast production of monolithic manhole bases and slabs.

  • VIHY Table Vibration
    Enable the production of a vast array of concrete products through the use of a Vibration Table.The VIHY vibration table allows for the optimal production of many shapes that are difficult through traditional core vibration including flat products, square products and irregular products.The VIHY vibration table provides the following definable benefits:• Powerful, hydraulically driven 100 kNm uni-directional vibrator with variable frequency makes uniform compaction throughout the entire product length – essential for producing high-quality products.• Low noise emission following effective hydraulic locking of mould equipment – reducing noise-related safety problems.• Elevator for easy adaptation to required product length, increasing machine flexibility.• Optional hydraulic elevator option for operator comfort, in cycle access and easy cleaning.• Simple core design allowing easy installation and maintenance of features.

  • No Required Overhead Crane
    Save building costs and equipment cost by eliminating need for a factory overhead crane.Even in its stand-alone, semi-automatic configuration, the VIHY Mastercast makes use of an electric-powered cart to move pipes to and from the curing area rather than an overhead crane – allowing for a lower and less-expensive building.

  • Fully Automatic Operation with Laser-Level Fill Control
    Reduce labor and increase product consistency and repeatability through the use of automation.The entire production cycle of the Mastercast machine can run automatically, including a unique laser-level fill control to ensure exact product lengths.