• VIHY® Mastermatic
  • VIHY® Mastermatic RC 60
  • VIHY® Mastermatic XT 150
  • VIHY® Mastermatic XT 200

VIHY® Mastermatic

For more than 40 years, the VIHY Mastermatic has been the quality and mass-production machinery standard for the planet’s leading pipe factories.

Its patented rising-core Compactor Rotor System (CRS) allows for the rapid production of pipe with the maximum concrete density, using the industry’s lowest amounts of cement. The flagship Mastermatic produces pipe at a rate of more than one per minute.

The VIHY Mastermatic is equally comfortable as a stand-alone machine or at the heart of a fully-automatic production facility – where it often finds itself.

View a typical VIHY Mastermatic plant layout »

  • Typical fully automatic Mastermatic plant layout for the high production output of up to 1500mm diameter pipe; complete with a circulating moving floor curing system for continuous production;  fully automatic post-processing including  joint ring removal, cleaning, storage, and retrieval; automatic post-processing including deburring, testing, and marking; and product handling with automatic finished pipe out-feed and sorting.

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VIHY® Mastermatic RC 60

  • Single-pipe production from 250-600mm (10-24”)
  • Maximum pipe length of 2.5m (8’)
  • Turntable offbearing principle for increased cycle time

Mastermatic RC 60

VIHY® Mastermatic XT 150

  • Double-pipe production from 250-600mm (10-24”)
  • Single-pipe production from 700-1500mm (27-60”)
  • Maximum pipe length of 3.0m (10’)
  • Quick-mold change enabled

VIHY Mastermatic XT 150

VIHY® Mastermatic XT 200

  • Triple-pipe production from 250-600mm (10-24”)
  • Double-pipe production from 700-1000mm (27-42”)
  • Single-pipe production from 1050-2000mm (48-78”)
  • Maximum pipe length of 3.0m (10’)
  • Quick-mold change enabled

VIHY Mastermatic XT 200

  • Rising Core Technology
    Maximize tonnage.Allows the concrete to be fed into the mold at a 45% faster rate than conventional, fixed-core vibration machines.Allows for a demolding sequence that is 40% faster than conventional, fixed-core vibration machines.

  • Compactor Rotor System (CRS)
    The key to unmatched pipe quality.Exact product heights.Uniform density along entire length of pipe.Closed-loop concrete density control. Compactor Rotor load is continuously measured and communicated to concrete feed system to ensure optimum filling speed and concrete density.

  • VIHY Core Vibration
    Use advanced Danish technology to ensure maximum concrete density.The VIHY core vibrator has been the industry’s leading vibrator for more than 50 years. Its precision build quality and dry-sump, oil-lubricated design allows for speeds and powers unmatched by competitive vibrators – guaranteeing the customer maximum compaction power, reduced cement consumption and maximum concrete densities.

  • Optional VARIO Core Vibrator
    Use VARIO for ultimate control of your production process – the key to the production of the highest quality pipes.The VARIO vibrator is the most advanced vibrator in the concrete pipe marketplace, allowing infinite, on-the-fly control of vibration frequency AND force, eliminating the need to manually adjust vibrator weights and allowing for in-cycle variation of the vibration force – the only vibrator on the market with such a capability. Advantages include:• Improved product quality• Reduced cycle time by optimizing consolidation• Faster adaptation to changes in mix variability• Faster changeover of vibrator• Faster quality problem solving

  • Fully Automatic Operation
    Automate to save labor and achieve precisely repeatable production cycles, guaranteeing each product is as high-quality as the next.The VIHY Mastermatic has served as the core of over 30 automatic production facilities and is uniquely designed to eliminate the need for costly labor inputs.

  • No Overhead Crane Required
    Save building costs and equipment cost by eliminating need for factory overhead crane.Even in its stand-alone, semi-automatic configuration, the VIHY Mastermatic makes use of an electric-powered cart to move pipes to and from the curing area rather than an overhead crane – allowing for a lower and less-expensive building.

  • Optional Quick-Mold Change System
    Be Flexible. Don’t tie up your money in excess pipe inventory.Mold cassette system coupled with hydraulic mold-to-machine locks allow for 30-minute mold changes for single-pipe production and 60-minute mold changes for double-pipe production.

  • Optional Stay-In-Place Headers
    Produce pipe with perfectly round, glass-like spigots – ensuring exact field pipe connectionsUse of stay-in-place headers allows for the production of pipe with more precise male-end spigots with a smoother surface finish.

  • Optional Lifting Anchor Automation
    Save labor costs by automatically casting lifting anchors into products during machine cycle.One of the most tedious and labor-consuming tasks in a manhole or pipe operation is the insertion and driving in of lifting anchors into already-cured products. Eliminate this step with an automated lift-anchor insertion system.
Mastermatic RC 60