• DTI Straight/Cut

DTI Straight/Cut

DTI Straight & Cut MachineLongitudinals for all your reinforcement cages can be manufactured in-house from green hot roll rod with the DTI Straight and Cut Machine.

Rod is directed to an inline WireDraw unit and then to the Straight and Cut Machine. The Straight and Cut Machine automatically straightens and cuts the wire. No operator is required. After the selected number of longitudinals are produced, the machine automatically stops.

  • Automatic Operation Reduces Manpower
    The DTI Straight and Cut Machine operates automatically, no manpower is required. The DTI Straight and Cut Machine is integrated with the DTI WireDraw unit and rod supply for completely automatic operation. No machine operator is required.

  • Predetermined Longitudinal Counter
    A counter permits the desired number of longitudinals to be manufactured for unmanned operation. The Straight and Cut Machine can be equipped with a counter. Simply enter the number of longitudinals to be produced, and the machine will automatically produce the quantity desired and stop. This feature permits the machine to be operated unmanned.

  • Mill Direct Material Slashes Costs
    All the reinforcement cage materials can be purchased direct from the mill, slashing material costs. Rather than purchasing hot roll rod for only the circumferential wire, the Straight and Cut Machine allows for the use of hot roll rod for the longitudinals as well, further reducing the cost of the reinforcing cage.