• SmartCast


At HawkeyePedershaab there are times where we ask our engineers to focus on the task at hand and at other times we ask them to let their imaginations run wild. It was during the latter that Smartcast was conceived. Developed in conjunction with the Dansk Teknologisk Institut, a Danish engineering think-tank, Smartcast shatters the mold of the old ways and introduces a new era in monolithic manhole base production.

More than just a machine, Smartcast embodies a concept, in essence, a whole-plant. A holistic forming and production system for the creation of wet-cast base sections with an infinite number of channel possibilities and the highest quality production.

The Smartcast system mills channel-forming mold out of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) with a Kuka Industrial Robot through a user- friendly, proprietary PC-Human interface –creating the world’s easiest and highest-quality system for the production of monolithic manhole bases, with manhole diameters possible up to 2500mm (96”).

  • Software
    Using the intuitive Smartcast software, the engineer or designer inputs a few key variables, including number of connections, connection angles and elevations and type of connection (PVC, concrete, clay, etc.). This process takes a few minutes and after the variables are input, the base design is sent electronically to the EPS grinding system, a six-axis, computer-controlled industrial robot, where it is placed in queue, ready for the robot operator to initiate whenever he is ready.

  • Infinite Flow Channel Possibilities
    The six-axis industrial robot, outfitted with a high-speed spindle motor and specialized tooling, is capable of quickly and easily grinding a blank of polystyrene into any configuration imaginable. There are literally no design limitations to the configurations of manhole bases able to be created by such as system. The only constraints are the laws of physics.

  • Smooth Flow Channel Surfaces
    The high speeds and specialized tooling of the grinding robot allows for EPS to be shaped with incredibly smooth surfaces, and an optional coating can be applied to the EPS such that when used in conjunction with Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC), the flow channels take on a glass-like character. This smoothness enhances not only the cosmetics of the product but also improves the hydraulic flow characteristics of the water flowing through the base.

  • Quick and Easy Mold Set-up
    One of the greatest assets to the Smartcast system is the ease with which the EPS parts are produced, fit together and ultimately fixed to the permanent steel mold. Competitive flexible base systems require multiple, complicated production steps in order to produce the EPS core top, and involve numerous hot-wire cutting machines and careful gluing processes. Smartcast creates the entire flow-channel portion of the EPS core top in one continuous piece and the connection pieces, or side cores, are simply fixed to the main core top using self-locking principles. In essence, the production and assembly of the EPS core top and the process of fixing it to the permanent mold is literally so simple a child could do it.

  • Purchase EPS blanks from local suppliers
    The Smartcast system allows the producer to purchase his EPS blanks from local sources, unlike competitive systems which force the customer to buy their EPS parts from the equipment supplier. This freedom to purchase the EPS from local sources eliminates captivity to the equipment supplier and allows for lower cost procurement of EPS. It also greatly simplifies the ordering and delivery process of the EPS parts.