• TangleFree Box-Lok

TangleFree Box-Lok

Spaces reinforcement in box sections with no welding required

TangleFree BOX-LOK
Weldless Double Cage Box Spacer

The Box-Lok’s special configuration tightly locks the inner and outer cages into an integral unit of reinforcement, and it spaces both cages from the form surfaces (Box-Lok Double Mat available upon request). Accurate. Fast to install. And absolutely no welding is required.

Improve box quality
Welding can decrease the cross-sectional area or affect the tensile properties of your reinforcement. Since no welding is required, your reinforcement works at proper design strength.

Two-way lock
Each end of the Box-Lok fully encircles and grips the circumferential wire to prevent cage movement in any direction. The Box-Lok automatically adjusts to different wire gauges for a tight fit every time. The Box-Lok installs to the cage in seconds with a simple lever tool. First, place either end of the Box-Lok around the inner cage and rotate 90°. Second, insert the lever tool through the unsecured end and pull down, pivoting against the outer cage, until the Box-Lok snaps into place.

Cut production costs
There’s no need for welders or skilled laborers. Eliminate welding wire and wire ties. The Box-Lok installs in seconds. With Box-Lok, cage fabrication costs decrease and output increases.

Key Benefits

  • Specially designed to space double cage reinforcement in box culverts
  • Unique design twist-locks to both the inner and outer cage to dependably space each cage from both form surfaces
  • Easy, no weld installation
  • Heavy, spring steel construction and twist lock applicator for dependable, stay-on performance

Tangle Free
The special TangleFree “spacer-on-a-stick” packaging technique allows the Box-Lok to be removed from the carton tangle free and ready for installation.

Application Data

  • Fits any mesh spacing
  • Sizes available for spacing double mats
  • Available in galvanized wire
  • Available with a 90° twist for longitudinal to circumferential fit for 1″ and 1-1/4″ cover
  • Standard sizes available for 4” through 12” wall thicknesses. Larger sizes available upon request – check with our sales department
  • Sizes available for 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, and 1-3/4″ and 2″ concrete covers

Standard sizes in stock for immediate shipment

Simple Installation

  • 1. Loop either end of the Box-Lok spacer around the inner cage and then rotate 90 degrees by hand
  • 2. Insert the lever tool through unsecured end and under outer cage. Then pull down until the Box-Lok snaps into place.