• Ca-Jax II

Ca-Jax II

Spaces reinforcement in pipe, manholes, and other products
The Ca-Jax II is used to position reinforcing cages and mesh in concrete pipe, manholes, and other precast products. The Ca-Jax II quickly attaches to the reinforcement with a simple twist lock and spaces the reinforcement from the form surface to the desired concrete cover. The small diameter, high-strength spacing jack is offset to clear both the circumferential wire and the longitudinal wire permitting unrestricted compaction of concrete around the jack. This compaction is necessary to prevent voids which can cause leakage.

Fits all spacings and gauges
The Ca-Jax II’s unique circumferential wire to longitudinal wire locking principle allows just one size of Ca-Jax II to fit all mesh spacings: 2″ , 3″, 4″, 6″, even spiral cages, and the Ca-Jax II automatically adjusts to different wire diameters for a tight, secure fit. With the Ca-Jax II, there’s no need to inventory spacers for different mesh spacings and wire gauges.

Single Cage Reinforcement Spacer

Key Benefits

  • Economically spaces reinforcement in pipe, manholes, and other precast products
  • Unique line wire to cross wire twist lock design allows one size to tightly grip any mesh spacing and wire diameter
  • Smooth, rounded spacing surface protects form surfaces
  • Small diameter, high-strength spacing jack permits virtually unrestricted compaction of concrete around spacer

Application Data

  • Fits any mesh spacing including spiral cages
  • Fits any wire diameter up to 3/8”
  • Sizes available for 3/4″ to 2-1/2″ concrete covers

In stock for immediate shipment

Heavy Duty Ca-Jax
The Series M Heavy-Duty Ca-Jax fits wire diameters up to 1/2” and is used in heavier applications such as large diameter concrete pipe and large reinforced concrete products. This is available is sizes starting with 3/4″ concrete cover up to 3-1/2” as standard. Larger concrete coverage is available upon request. Contact our Spacer Sales Department for availability.

Simple Installation

  • 1. Place the Ca-Jax II in firm contact with the cage at the intersection of the circumferential wire and the longitudinal wire. The spacing jack points toward the form surface.
  • 2. Pivot lever (A) and slide against longitudinal wire (B). The Ca-Jax II will now be firmly gripping the circumferential wire.
  • 3. Lock lever to the longitudinal wire. The Ca-Jax II is now firmly locked into position.