• TangleFree Spacer Handling Cart

TangleFree Spacer Handling Cart

Ergonomic Spacer Handling System

Improves ergonomic conditions in spacer installation
The TangleFree Cart transports the spacers right to the job, places the spacers at a comfortable height for workers and eliminates reaching, bending and lifting. This reduces the risk of injury to your workers.

Eliminates tangling
By using our TangleFree “spacer-on-a-stick” packaging technique with our TangleFree Handling Cart the spacers come out of the carton and slide right onto the adjustable hangers tangle-free and ready to install on your cages. No more fighting with spacers that are a tangled mess before each job.

Reduces production costs
You no longer need to waste time and money untangling your spacers. You can also reduce the amount of loss due to spacers spilling onto the production floor while they are being untangled.

Keeps everything organized
All the spacers and installation tools needed for the job can be carried on the TangleFree Handling Cart right to the cage assembly area.