• TangleFree Maxi-Jax

TangleFree Maxi-Jax

Heavy Duty Single Reinforcement Spacer

Built to space the toughest jobs
Maxi-Jax is the maximum strength spacer. The spacer is so strong that it can be used in applications that previously required costly-to-install weld-on spacers. Use the Maxi-Jax with all production methods—Even such demanding applications as centrifugally spun or pre-bed concrete pipe. It will economically space steel in such products as large diameter concrete pipe, arch, elliptical, pre-bed products, and round pipe with elliptical cages. Use Maxi-Jax in any application that requires a maximum strength spacer. With a range of sizes in stock for immediate shipment to fit 2″, 3″ and 4″ mesh spacings and a variety of concrete covers, the Maxi-Jax makes difficult spacing jobs a snap!

The spacer is strong enough for lever installation
The Maxi-Jax is so strong and develops such a powerful locking force on heavy cages that a special loop has been built into the Maxi-Jax so a lever tool can be used to snap the Maxi-Jax onto the cage. (Hand-installation without the lever tool is normally possible for light and medium cages.)

Easy Installation
To install, the Maxi-Jax is hung from the upper circumferential wire and a lever tool is inserted into the built-in loop. By moving the lever tool downward, the cage circumferential wires are slightly deflected and the Maxi-Jax’s locking jaws open and move inward until the spacer snaps onto the cage with a powerful locking tension. The generous radius on the lower-locking jaw allows hand-installation without lever assistance on light and medium cages.

Key Benefits

  • Designed for the toughest spacing applications
  • Lever tool application permits use with heavy reinforcement
  • Spring steel construction tightly clamps reinforcement for dependable, stay-on performance
  • Easy, snap-on installation

Application Data

  • Fits 2”, 3”, and 4” mesh spacings
  • Designed for use on wire mesh with diameters up to .375″
  • Sizes available for 3/4″ to 2” concrete covers
  • Spread End style available for use on wire diameters over .375″ or for double wrap applications

Standard sizes in stock for immediate shipment

Simple Installation

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