• Non Corrosive

Non Corrosive

Single Reinforcement Plastic Spacers

Use HawkeyePedershaab Pyramid-Lok, Fas-V-Lok and Wheel-Lok plastic spacers to position wire reinforcement during concrete production. These durable, non-corrosive plastic spacers incorporate an interlocking feature that locks them in place.

This system eliminates the movement of the spacer and helps prevent the reinforcement from shifting during production. The end result is a uniform concrete cover.


  • Use with precast or poured-in-place structures (i.e. pipe, manholes, slabs, floors, wall panels, box culverts and more – anywhere wire reinforcement is required)
  • Interlock feature helps eliminate spacer movement to maintain constant reinforcement placement and uniform concrete cover
  • Easy to use, tangle-free
  • Virtually eliminates the rejection of product due to misplaced reinforcement – a tremendous cost savings!
  • Easily snaps onto horizontal or circumferential wires
  • More placement versatility than other spacing alternatives
  • Made of durable non-corrosive, recycled plastic
  • Safe to handle – eliminates handling injuries
  • Wide variety of sizes available to provide concrete covers (in 1/4″ increments)

Simple Installation

  • 1. Fas-V-LokFor 2" and 3" mesh, patented interlock feature that "Locks"
  • 2. Pyramid-LokFor use with welded wire fabrics and spiral cages