Equipment Start-up & Commissioning

In addition to having the industry’s broadest array of product offerings, HawkeyePedershaab possesses a unique ability to quickly and successfully start-up and commission our customers’ facilities. With more than 15 experienced field engineers and technicians expertly trained in start-up and commissioning, our aim is to get the equipment quickly dialed-in and functional, allowing the customer to quickly make their products and begin earning revenue. Our philosophy of partnership takes on a unique flavor during this process as our people interact with our customers, training them on the operation and maintenance of the equipment and answering any questions they may have. We believe in keeping our people on site as long (or as short) as the customer thinks is necessary, and we only leave when the job is done and the customer is fully satisfied. When our people leave the customer’s factory, it is our mission to turn over an installation that is finely tuned, producing high-quality products, with trained personnel to operate and maintain the systems. This is what we do day after day, and have done for years, and it is this quality we as a company are most proud of.