Ongoing Service

In the often dirty and abusive environments of a concrete factory, nothing is more important to ensuring our customers’ success than service. HawkeyePedershaab has a large service staff comprising more than 40 employees who can quickly respond to your service needs. We pride ourselves on our professional approach to solving equipment and process problems, and a customer-centric approach to business is at the core of our company’s ethics. We teach our employees from their first day on the job, that when the customer is in need, everything else goes onto the back burner and their number one priority is to solve their customer’s problem. It is this ethos that we have built our company around and it is a principle that will stay with our company as the years march on. HawkeyePedershaab has service offices in Denmark, the United States and India and staff service telephones 24-hours/day, 7-days/ week. If our service staff is not able to answer the question or solve the problem over the phone, we are often able to troubleshoot the problem over the Internet, saving the customer time and money. When the need arises for a physical visit, we are happy to oblige and utilize our large network of service staff to quickly provide on-site assistance. In addition, HawkeyePedershaab offers regular service and maintenance contracts and, at times, even send our people to run your equipment if the need arises.