Pre-Project Services

Planning A concrete production plant or machine is a major financial investment and we strive to provide our customers peace of mind as they consider their investment decisions. We want our customers to build the right facility for their present and future market needs. To do this, we provide: • Computer-driven production analysis modeling • A full-range of financial payback and analysis tools • Pipe or product design consultation and engineering • Information on existing local market dynamics • Visits to a wide-range of existing production facilities • Contacts with leasing and financing companies   Customized Solutions We take no delight in forcing our customers into the box of an existing solution if it isn’t optimal to their production. We have the experience, expertise and engineering horsepower to confidently tailor a production facility to your exact wishes – whether your market calls for a fully automated production facility or a versatile, manual solution – and we routinely do so. We have decades of plant layout experience and provide the customer with an array of plant layouts to consider. In a world of unpredictability and high labor costs, HawkeyePedershaab delivers a unique expertise in the creation of automated production facilities. In fact, just since 2005, we have fully designed, installed and commissioned more than 30 automated production systems, each uniquely tailored to the customer’s needs, and used in the quality manufacture of the following products:   • Reinforced pipe • Non-reinforced pipe • Elliptical pipe • Box culverts • Catch basins • Manhole risers • Manhole cones • Manhole bases • Manhole covers