Stop The Leak in Your Wetcast Production Efficiency: Register for Afinitas Webinar

Please join us February 9, 2021, at 10 a.m. CST for a 40-minute webinar entitled: Stop the Leak in Your Wetcast Production Efficiency. This presentation was created to address the typical wetcast plant setup and its use of manual labor and inconsistent processes that make it nearly impossible to drive productivity and increase ROI. In this webinar, we’ll provide real examples that illustrate how to stop the inefficiencies and profit loss in your wetcast operations with Prima, a new cutting edge automated wetcast system. Prima brings assembly-line efficiency to your plant so you can manage your production like never before. Join Jason Banwart, PE, Afinitas Director of Technical Sales, and Derek Von Cannon, Afinitas Vice-President of Sales, for information that will help you produce more product, better and faster. Register for the webinar.